South County Fire

The goal of this project was to develop a clear information architecture and a modern and compelling look for the South County Fire responsive website redesign.


South County Fire is the largest provider of fire and emergency medical services in Snohomish county. It supports the needs of the community, provides fire and emergency medical services, offers resources for schools and the general public, and more..


The goal of the South County Fire website is to help community members (adults, students, business owners, people with disabilities, volunteers, job seekers...) find accurate fire department information and to provide professional fire safety and pre-hospital emergency medical care services. Upon initial evaluation of the existing website, I observed some shortcomings that would potentially create a negative experience for the site’s users.


  • Improper layout of content

  • A complex and distracting navigation system

  • Limited contact information

  • Limited social media integration

  • Improper use of colors

  • The website at all is not pleasing to the eye and overwhelming.

South County Fire Actual Website 


My goal is to redesign the South County fire website 

focusing on:


  • Simplifying the content structure and navigation system, making it easier to find information

  • Integrating additional features and functionality, such as contact information and social media links, into the footer content.

  • Modernizing the website for a competitive look

  • Developing a responsive design that displays on any device size to meet the user’s needs


I started with organizing the website navigation first as an important step to ease of maneuvering from one page to another. I used the card sorting method that helped me organize items into logical groups and developing the site’s information architecture, eliminating unnecessary pages and content.

Tree Testing 

I used the tree testing method to evaluate the fundability of topics on the website and this helped me to redesign information for easy navigation and to enable the users to easy find information.

Site Map 

  • The new menu is shorter and  has fewer navigation items to ensure that visitors don’t get confused. 

  • Thought-out navigation menu, clear, usable and contains all the necessary information.

Low Fidelity Prototype

High Fidelity Prototype

Design System

Final Design