i-care is a health monitoring system, designed to provide an easier, safer and independent life to senior patients with heart diseases. This work is based on observational research of a senior patient with a heart failure.

Why i-care?

Mimi was my inspiration for this project. She is a family member who supported me, by helping me to continue my studies. She gave me and my son the warmth of family that we needed and we can’t imagine our lives without her.

Mimi has suffered from Heart Failure for the past 10 years. The last two years she looked very tired and ill in appearance. I decided to observe her daily life and I noticed that she is going through a lot of challenges.


Mimi is one of millions that suffers from heart disease, which is remains the leading killer of adults over age 65. This causes a panic for heart patients and their families. 

That’s why I decided to design i-care!

Some Facts

To understand a day-in-the-life of a senior heart patient, I started my research by observing Mimi’s daily activities and identifying the ways in which she maintains her health.

Design Research

Mimi’s daily activities to maintains her health

Search using Social Media

The second method I used was designing a survey and sharing it with more heart patients that I connected with using the Facebook platform.

These are some Facebook pages that I became a member with:

Patients talking about their health

I did not get direct answers, but I was able to browse these pages and to learn more about heart patient's fears and challenges.


​After I’ve used the observation method with Mimi and the survey method with the other heart patients, I’ve learned about some of their challenges.


  • Fear of sudden health complication or death especially for single seniors

  • Fear of being late for asking for help

  • Patients worry to stay alone and to have an independent life

  • Fears of having a sudden heart attacks

  • Loneliness and fear of health complications 

  • A lot of confusion and understanding the danger 


  • Patients still using paper booklets to track their test results, this means they can be misplaced or lost anywhere, handwriting can lead to mistakes, also test results are incomprehensible to patients. 

  • Patients forget to take pills 

  • Patients forget to take daily tests/measurements

  • Patients forget doctor appointments.

  • Patients don’t have track on their health

  • Dissatisfaction with the health care system because of the lack of communication problems.

Need Statement

Seniors with heart diseases need better solutions to help them live an easy, safe, and independent life without the fear of unexpected health complications.

Competitive Analysis


Oura Ring

3D Fitness Tracker

Fitbit Charge 4


  • Blood pressure monitoring

  • Detecting rhythm problems

  • Real Time Heart rate monitoring

  • Water proof

  • FDA Cleared

  • User friendly

  • Not expensive

  • Comfy to wear

  • Detecting heart failure


These devices don’t offer:

  • Reminders (pills, doctors appointments, and tests)

  • Accurate data analysis and pretends danger before it happens 

  • Physicians remote access to patients’ data

  • Live communication to offer heart disease patients with the help, knowledge, and the sources that they need 

There are so many devices and new technology coming out every day but none are connected in a way that is helpful for heart diseases patients. 

There are so many devices and new technology coming out every day but none are connected in a way that is helpful for heart diseases patients. 


A medical system that can help Patients maintain a safe and independent life, the medical system could include: 

A wearable device

  • Has a sensor that can monitor heart patients’ health, the device is connected to an app that designed for the patients and connected to a system that monitoring the patient’s health, also the data can be accessed remotely by the patient’ physician.  

  • The device detects any health abnormality even before the patient get aware of it, and allows the user to instantly get help because the device provide GPS enabled systems with unlimited range.. 


  • Designed to track and collect data patients can visualize it with a few clicks.

  • Allow users to view charts directly and to see how their test results and their health condition have fluctuated over time

  • With my community feature, a medical agent assistant can chat with the patients to answer their questions and if the condition requires, the patient can be refer directly to a physician.

  • The app has a medication reminders, tests/measurements reminders, doctor appointments reminders, voice commands for elderly users who may face problems in typing. 

Other products connected to the app

  • Devices for tacking daily measurements and analyses with Bluetooth access that can automatically send data to the system including a smart scale, wireless blood thinner monitor, medical automatic pill dispenser..


Without i-care

First story board showing that a patient with a heart disease didn’t get help when experiencing an unexpected health complication 

With i-care

With i-care

The second storyboard showing that a patient who uses the i-care device got help just in time because dangerous health condition data been detected.



Sketches showing how the App, the wearable device, and the other connected devices working together 

Shapes and colors changes are related to the health condition of the patient's health

3D Modeling Device


High Fidelity Prototype