Business Buddy 

Business Buddy is a machine connected to a phone app designed to help business travelers to efficiently get from curb to gate.

This project originated as a class project and the fundamental research was as a group. We started this project before the Corona pandemic , and after we completed the research phase as a team.

I extended this project and I made it my own taking into account the changes that the world is witnessing today after COVID-19, and the most important are health precautions and travelers safety. 

Problem Definition

As a group, we created a Business Model Canvas and that’s to help us focus on the problem, define the main business components, and to develop clarity of thought for the airport as a business and the users.

Business Model Canvas

User Research

To understand users motivations, goals, and pain points, we had different methods to do this, I personally used the survey method and I share it with my friends who in turn shared it with some of their business travelers friends to get more insights. I was able to collect eight answers and this is an example of some questions and the answers.

Based on our research findings, we created an Empathy Map that allowed us to sum up our learning about business travelers

Empathy Map

Competitive Analysis

Running a competitor analysis was a vital step to gain insight into other airports and to identify and assess services and technology trends.


Understanding and applying the insights obtained through a competitive analysis helped me identify the strengths and weaknesses and to design a competitive product/service that can better serve business travelers and satisfy them needs.

Factors that make a good airport for business travelers

  • Customer service

  • Low flight cancellation rate (85+)

  • Location

  • Local transit

  • Low cost nearby hotels (avg. $130)

  • Installation art

  • Easy/cheap parking

  • Restaurants / bar

  • Shopping

  • Navigation

Best five Airports

Factors that make a poor airport for business travelers

  • Expensive parking

  • Low arrival rates; (67% compared to 84% at Charlotte Airport being the best)

  • Poor local transit

  • Expensive local hotels

  • ($530 avg.)

Worst five Airports

Technology Trends

Robots assist passengers in South Korean airport.

The airport guide robots can give travelers information about flights and the weather too.

Dubai’s airport passengers using the new face and iris-recognition. Sunday, March 7, 2021 has introduced an iris-scanner that verifies one’s identity and eliminates the need for any human interaction when leaving the country. 

 Minneapolis–St. Paul International Airport has very recently begun implementing a unique security technology made by Clear Biometrics. With the help of Clear’s new technology, passengers will be able to greatly speed up the identification process by simply scanning their thumbprint or iris into the machine. Although Clear users will, of course, still have to go through metal detectors and bag checks, the process is still much quicker

This flight tracking app allows users to check the flight status of any aircraft by its registration, route, airline, flight number, or airport code.

The app uses NEXRAD radar overlay to enhance its flight tracker map and push notifications to keep users up-to-date

Boston Logan Airport


  • JetBlue is the easiest experience (they own terminal C)

  • Local public Trans

  • Decent selection of restaurants


  • Staff issues (rude, disinterested, slow, under-staffed, etc.)

  • Poor terminal navigation

  • Long security lines

  • Loud environment

  • Poor connecting flights (need to go through security again)

  • Few activities

  • Poor pickup location/traffic


Joe Williams

Marketing Executive

45 years old

Joe is a marketing executive who travels 2-3 times a month. He maintains the visual style for the organization, whether that is a magazine, commercial, or branding design. Joe finds himself aggravated at unexperienced travelers during security check, as well as feeling lost navigating the airports he’s unfamiliar with. Joe wishes he could get from curb to gate more efficiently and without the inconvenience of security lines.



  • Fewer flight delays/ cancellations

  • Spend less time going through security

  • More accessibility to do work

  • More entertainment while waiting for the flight



  • Too much time waiting for security line

  • Flight delays

  • Loud environment

Need Statement 

Joe needs a better way to efficiently get through security to do work before his flight. 



  • Quick process

  • Minimal lines

  • No clothing/shoe/device removal

  • Skip the security lines

  • Find destination efficiently

  • Hands free

  • Always have a space to work

  • Controlled via phone app

  • Machine linked to app through QR code

  • Private security station for Business Buddy users


Low Fidelity Prototype

Journey Map


















Hight Fidelity Prototype is my next step for this project